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Although I am officially a licensed mental health provider, I prefer to see myself as a thoughtful and experienced person who will be a companion in your life for a while, who will start from where you are now, listen carefully and without judgment,  and gently suggest paths to follow, techniques, insights, and resources to calm stress and  go forward into your life with greater self-esteem, fulfilling relationships, and sense of purpose.

Elizabeth Tener LICSW is a licensed psychotherapist with 25 years’ experience in New York City and Massachusetts. She is also an institute-trained pastoral counselor, experienced in working with individuals and couples who desire to use the resources of their faith and spirituality , however they define it, to create less distressed, more balanced, loving, and satisfying lives. In the last five years, she has deepened and enhanced her sessions by adding Internal Family Systems , a client-friendly way to work, which uses guided meditations and internal dialoguing to go deeply but gently, and move more efficiently toward healing.

I like to say I specialize in the four A’s:




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