Anger Resolution

Are you ruled by your rage ? Do you have an out-of-control spouse?  Is your relationship ruined by anger ?

How many of these statements are true of you or your partner?

*  You’re known by friends and family as having a temper.

*  You know that your family is afraid of you when you get angry.

*  Anger is your default emotion.

*  You explode first, then feel remorseful later.

*  You habitually feel that others are stupid, untrustworthy, unreliable, or dangerous.

*  You can’t help cursing and name-calling when you fight.

*  You shout in front of, or at, your children despite your better judgment.

*  Your spouse has said you’d better lose your angry attitude – or else.

*  You have thrown or destroyed objects when you become rageful.

*  Your rage has involved physical violence that has lead to domestics and    restraining orders.

Come to my calm, harborfront office, shed your anger habit and soothe your angry brain. I work with angry men, women, and couples to break their habit, then change their hearts. I work with partners of angry people to help them safely take a stand.

With real motivation and a weekly appointment, you and I can break your habit in four months. If you want to change your brain and your life, it may take 6 months or more.  I am certified by the Center for Anger Resolution Therapy and have studied how to rewire the angry brain.

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